8 Briefs and Pronoun Phrases

8.1 er briefs

For common words ending in er, Plover will drop the middle of the word for a brief.

For example, rather as RAER and brother as PWROER.


rather rather rather rather


brother brother brother brother
Word Stroke Notes
brother PWOER
father TPAER
mother PHOER
rather RAER
other OER
another TPHOER
remember RER
gather TKPWAER

8.2 Phrases

Pronoun + can (using BG for right side k)
Phrase Stroke Notes
I can KEU
she can SHEBG
they can THEBG
he can KE
you can UBG
Pronoun + could (right side K-D)
Phrase Stroke Notes
I could EUBGD
we could WEBGD
she could SHEBGD
they could THEBGD
he could HEBGD
you could UBGD
Pronoun + would/will
Phrase Stroke Notes
I would EULD
I will KWREUL , HR*EU there are several other strokes for this phrase
she would SHELD
they would THELD
he would ELD
you would ULD
you will HR*U
Pronoun + was/were
Phrase Stroke Notes
I was EUFS
she was SHEFS
they was THEFS
he was HEFS
I were EURP
she were SHERP
they were THERP
we were WERP
you were URP
Pronoun + have/has
Phrase Stroke Notes
I have SREU as “have I”
we have SWRAOE combining “have” with “we” with a long e
she has SHEZ
he has HEZ

8.3 Family Relations

Family Relations
Relation Stroke Note
father TPAER
mother PHOER
son SOPB
daughter TKAUR
Papa PA/PA
sister ST-R
brother PWROER
aunt AUPBT
uncle *UPBG
cousin KUZ

8.4 Weekdays

Day Stroke Note
Tuesday TAOUZ
Wednesday WEPBD
Thursday THURD
Saturday SATD
Sunday SUPBD

8.6 Summary

  • Learn common er ending words which have briefs
  • Learn some phrases with pronouns which combine briefs
  • Learn how to write days of the week
  • Learn how to write some time-related briefs