37 Colophon

This is a bs4_book created using the bookdown package by Yihui Xie and the associated R and js libraries. Content in this book comes from multiple sources in the public domain which are listed in the references section. The website itself is hosted on Netlify. The audio for the exercises is synthesized through the meSpeak.js library based on the eSpeak speech synthesizer. The jsdiff library is used to perform text comparisons. The Steno-Font was created by Kaoffie and sachac (GitHub). The crosswords have been generated using crossword.r Github and integrated using crossword.js Github by Peter Meissner. Users are able to add entries for practice on the dictation pages. User entries are saved locally in the browser. Google Analytics is used to track user usage through cookies. To opt-out, use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

37.1 Changelog:

37.1.1 Wishlist/To-Do

[] raw steno reading [] number, quotation, paragraph indicators on snippets [] estimated time for snippets

37.1.2 2023-06-12


  • added practice with compound words in multistroke section, with nge and rv, with -ion,
  • add more example sentences
  • minor typo corrections

Added: - content for i suffix - content for ex prefix - content for invertable prefixes



  • chapters on common suffixes and prefixes (phonetical, starred, k-sound prefix)
  • more practice sentences


  • added more examples in inversions making the -er inversion clear with consonants other than t
  • added more -time and some- briefs based on yannc’s suggestions.



  • Expended briefs in one-syllable-words section
  • Roman Numerals in numbers, writing time in 12/24 hour time
  • -ment new section
  • start of ion section, still needs to be expanded
  • Interjections, onomatopoeia and animal sounds
  • small section of distinguishing soft c and s-starting words


  • moving summary points into learning objectives at beginning
  • gradually adding heading on top of example strokes in steno font
  • Add -FL to section of common prefixes/suffixes
  • some briefs have been moved up to earlier sections (this expands the variety of sentences for earlier sections)
  • Previously, not all the briefs/phrases in the tables were included in the exercises sections. Now most should be.
  • Added the ordinal teens and numeric suffix expansion to number section
  • updating Stenofont from Kaoffie - now on ClassicLarge
  • steno font sizes have been adjusted, hopefully looks pretty much the same
  • corrected crossword/phrasing typos in fingerspelling and briefs
  • corrections through text, thanks yannc76!



  • Added -PL related briefs
  • Added multi-stroke section
  • started -rv and -ion sections
  • More snippets for practice (easy and medium difficulty), some in the < 70 Flesch-Kincaid readability score, under advanced dictation section
  • Can save words/phrases for practice, and remove from list
  • can hide individual dictation snippets from view, with checkbox controlling all visibility


  • Minor edits for spelling and grammar
  • floating audio controls now collapsible
  • Fixed error where “speak punct” would also speak json array characters for snippets



  • Small section on alternative capitalization and initials
  • Section on prospective and retrospective space
  • Section on doubled strokes
  • Section on dictionary precedence
  • Added some small crosswords
  • Added summary of discussion on steno order and layout
  • Various minor corrections
  • Added any-, every- and some- briefs
  • More simple dictations


  • Moving from pure html chunks to custom blocks (should have no visual difference)
  • Colophon part renamed to Postface

2021-12-21: Adding practice dictation, and making reference from sections. Correct minor typos. Add more explanation for some concepts and note common exceptions to theory rules/conflicts. Speed controls for speech synthesis now stick to top of window when scrolling through exercises. New sections include numbers, assorted briefs, contractions.

2021-12-06: CSS edits by chaos95. Typos from nocto corrected.

2021-12-04: First version up.